Hard advice for hard times…

July 13th, 2015

True dat….

Dear Bubba,

Several months after my first daughter was born and my relationship of 6 years sadly ended, I started flirting with a married man and the flirtation turned into a full-blown affair. This resulted in another child. The father isn’t in the picture now because his new wife forbids it.

I admit I have lied to my little girl. When she asks about him, I tell her that daddy is a workaholic and that’s the reason he’s not around. She will soon turn 4. How or when do I tell her the truth?

Signed- Sally Kank


Dear SKank,

I would not recommend telling the truth to a child that young. I suggest you wait until she’s at least 12 years old before you break the news that you’re a total slut.  


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