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We encourage your creativity and funny wordplay
so get off your duff and contribute content.

Submit content to our site and if we post it, we’ll send you a FREE T-shirt! And believe us, it’s not that hard. (Our stuff gets posted all the time!) Be sure to include your shirt size with your submission. We have three sizes- Large, XL and Damn!

SXSW Novelty T-shirt

Information about Submissions

We gladly accept any submissions for consideration on our website.

Profanity is not required but is greatly encouraged – but no tourettes!

Band name submissions must be your original idea and content appropriate, preferably funny or clever but everything will be considered.

All other content need not be original but please give credit to the author or originator.

Use our handy Submissions form below. Attach your photo(s) using the file browser.

We reserve the right to refuse your tasteless junk even if it does suit our website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

-Rick & Mo



We thank you for your valuable contribution.

Bizarre Word Bazaar was created in 2015 with the goal of being the best site for clever funny wordplay, unique band names and zany humor.
By submitting your content, you agree to forfeit all rights pertaining to this submission and to let Bizarre Word Bazaar publish your idea for all the world.


funny wordplay contribute content
“I’ll drink to that!

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