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   Now listen up fool!
This ain’t ‘Dear Abby’ this ain’t “Ask Amy”,
this is Dear Bubba Funny Relationship love advice.

Oh boy it’s 2018 already! This year it’s more hard core advice. I ain’t cuttin’ ya’ll no slack. Find my past columns in the 2017 archives,  2016 archives or 2015 archives link.  So forget the other advice columns. Read MY answer to these stupid questions.  -Bubba

Jan 14, 2018            Dear bubba funny relationship and love advice

In a World…

Dear Bubba,

I recently went to the movies with my daughter. It was stadium-style seating, where you pick assigned seats. The young couple to our immediate right was talking throughout the previews. Not a problem. They continued talking when the movie started.

I waited a few minutes, then leaned over and politely asked them to “please stop talking during the movie,” to which the young man replied, “No.” They then continued to whisper during the movie.

What else could I have done? To find an usher, I would have had to climb across the row, past 10 other people. The only other available seats were in the first three rows.

It was a distraction for the entire movie. Outside of raising my voice to tell them to stop (so others could hear), what should I have done?



Dear Pissed,

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do except notify the usher. Here’s a suggestion- have you tried a theater in a white neighborhood?



Jan 7, 2018            Dear bubba funny relationship and love advice

2nd String

Dear Bubba,

I’m in my early 20s, and I always wanted to be in a relationship. Lately, I’ve been feeling that whenever I get a guy’s number, I feel like the guy only wants to use me for one thing. I know two guys who want to use me.

I met up with one guy last year. He has a girlfriend, but he’s using me as a side chick. There is also a guy I met last month. He has a girlfriend, too, and wants to use me as a side chick. I don’t want this. I just have no idea how to tell both of them that I don’t want to be used as a side chick anymore. What do I do?

Done Being Used


Dear 2nd string,

How stupid can these guys be? It’s time to put your foot down! You’re no fool! Demand that YOU be the ‘girlfriend’ and the other girl be the ‘side chick’!

Jan 2, 2018            Dear bubba funny relationship and love advice


Dear Bubba,

I am 13 years old and addicted to video games. I would wake up early in the morning and just play on the weekends until they asked me to stop.

It has gotten to the point where my mom has bought a safe to keep the controllers in. I have gone through her desk desperately and found the key, which I later told her I had taken. Please help!

Addicted to Games

Dear Gameboy,

There’s nothing wrong with video games! They build dexterity and eye hand coordination which you’ll need in the future when humans are half-computer and integrated with microchips and circuit boards.

I wouldn’t worry too much. You’re already showing your smarts by how you figured out how to ‘beat the system’ by finding your Mom’s key. A good paying job like hacking or burglary could be in your future.

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