Funny English Pub Names and strangely named Eateries







A growing list of funny English Pub Names

1.    The Hare and Hole
2.   The Rake and Hoe
3,   The Maw and Paw
4.   The Cock and Gobbler
5.   The Pork and Pullet
6.   The Puss and Peccary
7.   The Loin and Groin
8.  The Cuff and Collar
9. The Fork and Beaver
10. The Head and Tails
11. The Cunning Cunny
12. The Cunt & Cleaver
13. The Cleavered Beaver
14. The Cork & Cunny
15. The Head Inn
16. The Rusty Bollocks
17. The Crooked Mullet
18. The Pood & Head
19. The Mann & the Boat
20. The Maimed & Kilt
21. The Hunt and Grunt
22. The Cod and Peas
23. The Red Fox and the Golden Hind
24. The Shoat and Stoat
25. The Ass and Tongue
26. The Cock and Diddle Do
27. The Thirsty Gerbil
28. The Crack Inn
29. The Arg Go Nuts Inn
30. Have Pint
31. The Mighty Pint
32. Quid Harp Inn
33. The Torn Sphincter
34. The Petrified Gerbil
35. The Ox ‘n’ Cotton
36.The Duck & Cover – A pub for guys avoiding their wives
37. The Cock & Roach – Gay stoner pub







A growing list of strangely named Eateries

  1. Snapper Battles (Mud wrestling joint)
  2. Club Seal
  3. Twixt the Buns  (Burger joint)
  4. The Box Lunch (Strip joint featuring lunch buffet)
  5. Dick’s Bra and Girl
  6. The Drunkery
  7.  Between the Buns (actual hamburger joint in Phoenix)
  8. Zoo Chez  (exotic animal cuisine)

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