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Search our incredible archive of the strangest, funniest and coolest original band names list ever created.  These are not computer generated band names but names that were ingeniously thought up or pulled right out of our arses!

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NEW 04/23/18

The Scapegoats Spared and Tired The Girth
Dog Daze Trippin’ The Lungers


Data Dump Hedgehog’s Dilemma Styeman & Carbuncle
The Amazing Ink Ass Strafed Top Heavy
Better than Strange Frozen Prose Moment of Acidity
The Black Snowflakes Whore to Culture The Sportin’ Woodrows
RCH The Inward Raunch Pad
The H8ters Dude! Uncle Junk
The Cosplay Kids The Metro Gnomes Package Galore
Werewolf Whorehouse Ginger and the Red Carpets The Guns of Nazarene
Sword of Damocles Trainwreck Voyeurs Chemo Sabe
When Pigs Fly Tinker’s Damn Jay Lightheels
Bitch and Rigged – Trump’s Inaugural Band Silicone Valley The Blissters
Dirty Brown Rosette Reigning Men Brer Coon
Punch and Judas The Lab Rats Dee, Pard and Long – Country Trio
P.O.V.P.O.S. The Snapping Tourettes Unlimited Shelf Death
Genital Waltz Apocalypsicle Abe Linkedin
Whitey Bulger and The Briefs


The Bad Actors Rattus Rattus Three Diamond Girl
Two Bits The Doggie Diamonds Dick Overbite
The Hype Mr. Sinister Sister The Fuzz
The Gropers Swizzle Dick Ass 9
Hairball Clitoral Wood Dramaquine
The Toiletiers Winterspook Craven Image
Little Beak The Self Satisfied Sycophants The Ululates
The Buttplugz Bloat The Nosegay
The B9 The Shitfitz Tan Bonitas
Assumptive Overload The Dutch Rubbers Clown Debt
The Dry Sells Dr. Zeus GadZooks
Fecus Silky Bubbles Skeevy Gravy
The Benign The Moist The Pulpit Putdowns
Anal Isis Kissy Kissy The Sand Pillows
The Giggers The Red Flags Hand Over Fist
The Cajone Girls The Hair Triggers The Muthas
Bud & Liquor Kitty Litter Ratanus
Wrinkle in the Time-Space Continuum Type Face The Cleff Dwellers
The Glo-nads Butt Ice The Vatican Hicks
Needledick The Trou Droppers The Hose Queens
The Peacocks Bottom Feeder The Ten Foot Poles
Giggly Sisters Just in-beaver Night Soil
The Urn Burnins The Slam Dunks Whitesnatch
Duck Twerker The Tazmanian Poopberries The Filth
Judge Mental doo dah bud dha The Gilded Lillies
Enough’s Enough Smack Ass The Love Genies
The D Cups The Sprinkles Med Night
Groin Fruit Gomer’s piles Pudcast
Crack Back The Poop Knives Fred Snapper
Hole Burn The Damnaged Beyond Sea
Widow’s Peak The Shit Coins Hysterica
Mush First Things First Asslock
The Bobbin’ Japper Mutilated Gator Vinnie Garo and the Strokes
Fuckin’ Dumpstah Unproductive Coffers Blown Alcoholic Injun
Intoxicating Spirits Knob Bobber Tuff and Chuey
The Gap Toot’s The Disappointing Results White Lab Coat
Inspired by Insipid Reformed Asshole Miss Mass
Coont de Ville Sweetess Cloud Epitaph
Masshole Nervous Rat Groin Swell
Under the Bus Wicked Rigid Floe of Ghosts
Lefty Lucy The Ginger Knights Monks are Tweeting
Bum Decay James Tiberius The Toothsome Four-Eyed Chubsters
The Grinding Stumps The Snow Camels The Ruptured
The Generous Johns Mutant Bride The Cheatahs
Sink Lickers Snatch Patch The Bodacious Ta-tas
The Throes of Ecstasy Lazyboy – Geriatric big-hair band Grabba Dias
The Semantics Turf Love The Hurl
The Nanowits Non Specific Gore Heartworm
The Half Empties Shirthole The Starstuds
Vellum Scripx The Lid Downers Souled Out
Blanch and the Mutetones The Butt Clots Chuck Awocka
Mindbarf The Clams Periwinkle Blew
Shit Zoo Dumbfound God’s Own Skank
The Royal Flush Body Druids Fusilli Jerry
Talk Me Down Lush Fund Gutshöt
The Purebred Ears Daze of Your Nervous Rat
Sleepfuckin’ The Bleatles Grabitass
Lone Butt The Cullions White Backlash
The Vulvettes The Gassy Laffs Pink Edsel
The Dizzying Heights Nightwood Miss Abeat
Rumpled Foreskin Hardstool Fascist Adolescence
Bumfuzzle The Musky Tears The Cleft Dwellers
The Plucked The Hand Jobs Entropic Love
H’anus Fishy Steel Boogies
Bats in the Beltway Crone Moms Mons
Whoop de Do The Filth Lustre
The Black Plows Cud Salad Uppa Cruss
Poke ‘er Face The Dose Monkeys Niggardly
The Ta-tas Flora Destroya Motherborne Illness
The Big-uns Butterface Jesus and the Birkenstocks
Wilson and the Woodrows Jail Bait The Gnostic Aggies
Skewd View Bats in the Belfry Deeper
Banquet of Chestnuts Kweepy Bach Set
The Bad Intentions Coons Age The Rusty Gaits
Sunny Shea-Height – Country Singer The Go Stains The Bite Marks
The Sexual Favors Desane Mañana Schitz
Broomhilde Glitter, Daggers & Skulls Changin’ Me Earl
The Dredd Locks Goth Darnit Mama’s Coma
Basquiat Case The Fiddle Fugues Grind Her
Beat Juice Broad in the Beam The Beat Awfuls
The Messed Up Hoppers of Clod The Religious Nuts
The Redolent Rhoids The Girded Lions Susan Shocks
The Blatant Ripoffs Hamster The Shittin’ Shinolas
Area 51 Hind Tit Sheville
The Lumps Fat Elvis The Heeb Jeebies (Jewish goth)
Snap! Aunt Tagonist Hoggus Wartius
Hag Fag Ice Teabag – Gay rapper The Bat Ranchers
C4 Snapper Damaged Goods
Stiff Competition Can’t Like Like The Stifftones
Evolutionary Bush Hag Fag Godshpiel
Jerked and Twerked – coed Jamaicana cappella crew Rockman & Knave Can’t Like Like
Milky Whey and the Large Kurd Players The Dynamics Hag Fag
The Amazing Snappers Splatchcock Sascratch
The Heretics Death by Video Gruntella
Snooty Booty Pregnant Pause Roy Le Louche – Singer/Songwriter
Full Disclosure Machinations The Cockamammys
The Bloodtones The Sick Jokes The Thudding Heads
The Rezzonators Periwinkle Snooty Booty
Scrotiosis ‘Ove’ Glovin’ Cuntroma Therapy
The Amazing Headlights Chick and Chet – Country Duo Thingleberries
Cuntpunch The Bleach Boys Splat!
Shallow Grave Wry Bred Strictly Crotchgrab
The Anusaches Boozetooth The Clockeaters
Beaver Scratch The Nip Slips 501 Wannabees
Hellen Keller Death Jacket Tamed Blue Yonder
Tonguepunch Pussyhandin’ Night’s Oil
The Ick Petcock The Land Hos
White Guy in the Sky Dark Farce The Butt Tenders
5 pound chubb Skankweed Barnacle
The Happy Endings Hamaseckshul – Western Swish band Scrotium 90
The Lithpth Thundertird Campussy
The Availables Broadside Da Toids
Tsk Tsk The Rotten Kids The Man Buns
The Feckinors Tinctured With Negridity Spiderbyte
Tumortuous The Two Mers Tumorrow
The Tumors To Mars Grumpsicle
Blurple Stupor Heated Hemp Forest
dEAD nUTZ Deadtool Deadngone
Dead and the Door Nails Deadhope Galvanic
Running Toward Danger The Tantalizers Forensic Analist
Miss Management Lenny and Mrs. Kravitz Indolent Shooter
Mas Stupido Thrustical The Roiling Asstones
Whorse Saul T and the Black Peppers Dickie Rector
The Smirks Cosucker Youthleth Bathtards
Auld Hoowha Squid Pro Squirrel Daddy Cock Block
Urine Colored Coward Skewed Sanity The Cod Liver Goils
The Carnival Barkers Denthead Ginger and The Red Carpet
Pussy Foot Bus Fucked Bushcraft
Whole Lotta Hole The Six Fux Sacked
The Fuck Stix God’s Odds Dew Watt Hertz
Blowhard Oral Surgical Strike The Calamine Laotians
The Splinters Mindcraft The Steeping Turds
Gerry Atric & the Pacemakers Helena Handbasket – female hard rocker The Phat Funks
Necrosis Round the World Muck of Zion
Platypussy The Sporks Dee ‘n’ Aye
Mel & Collie Episcopalian Hotties Dirty Dawn and First Light
The Traumatics Pranze The Craw
Hard as Rock Tiddy Sprinkles Dark Cloves
The Rastered Bats Stripper Glitter Bubble Puppy
Shitboy Howdy – Country Artist Godspoor Hoo-has
The Buzz Killers Round the World The Bi-Products
Frog Liquor Dirty Dawn and First Light Skirt Alert
Still Would The Big Picture Blow Fly Girls
Turdgarden The Hoo-Waz Bootlique
Big Guns The Hickeys Dumpster Whore
Creepy The Bonin’ Crones Stanky Side Up
The Critterz – Southern Rock Band Scrotum Pole Flash, Guts & Feeling – Hard Rock Trio
Catherine and the Hard Riders Finger Init Creeping Malaise
Fucklemore Fabb Ass Bone In
Bone Dry Bone Alone Coupla Niggas
Fistulated Cow The Canker Czars Slumdog Squarepants
D-boned Lovometer Bare Nun
Coon Rack The Spit Tunes Screw Lid Winos
Dead Cat (Not Dead Cat) Faghome Bone on Bone
Tranny Service Ginger Lee & the Snap Dragons Planetary Gearls
Birthgravy One Doesn’t Simply A Dose
Mega Urine The White Turds The Grind
Puke Chain Crushing Tail Twerkin Merkin
Big Firm Snow Black The Bad Moles
The Hangers Astro Puberty The Zenfidels
Tail Waggin Dick Dragon Fish Fingers The Beefeaters
The BMs Legume Fume The Bobbleheads
Pusbubble Pathetic App Bufoon
Clittertwit Cud Love The Fart Bubbles
The Vertex Vortex The Turdletters Seamus ‘n Yuis – Irish Duo
la brats (Latina band) Fish Fingers Payne & DeButt – Obnoxious Duo
The Shitworx Aluminica – Light Metal Band Sik (sic)
The Edible Skins The Whore Moans The Tweekerz
Yellow Mellow Fellows Bam Booz Led The Mudcutters
The Glory Hags Scowl The Black Stools
The Bleu Raze Loinfruit Tailsmith
Soundly Unbeaten Gone Fission Toad Stool Softener
The Rockin’ Feldspars The Duncegals The Hippo Crates
Stinking Inside the Box Love Spawn The Dung Beatles – Worst Beatle tribute band ever
Megapisst Ass Burpers Syndrome Rockin’ Hard Spot
Jen & Talia Distance Sing Sing
Maggie and the Coppertails Smack and Mirrors Lickerish
Likki Likki Boytoy (Hawiian singing sensation) Sugar Ditch Sluts In Waiting
Broad Statement Hardoff Gay Rage Garage
The Helltots Stupidoupilous High and Tight
Sexualado Clay Wheels – Country Artist Band Boozled
4 Fucks Ache Crackup Swag & Bling
Chernobyl’s Best The Erections Douche Nozzle
Melodious Thunk Skintily Clad The Blowhards
The Back Story Swag & Blanch Fear no Clowns
Stargagger The Baboons Fourth Coming
Dick Shun (lesbian band) Beaver Town Gang Green
Hole Punch The Pelvic Gyrations Kahuna Crooners
The Chub Club Wandering Minds Dirtex
Mia Hornay The Nice Pears Vicious Cycles
Bruce Gender Jack the Carrot Operation Nutjob
Ms. Rebel Blonde The Sleepovers Bone Appetite
Her Spanix (a Latina band) The Terrible Ax Anus Annointus
The Bent Oeuvres Knee Gross Petunia
Bed Spread The Bumps Grains of Race
Bed Head Pope Stank Tails of Woe
Bottom Raman Dr. Iago Spot and the Livers
Crystal Methodist Cathedral The Bob O Lynx Diddle Thyself
The Bottleflies The Spread Eagles – Eagles tribute band Long Neck Monster
Force Kin The Bleachin’ Sphincters The Cutters
Ooze and Oz Rattle Me Dags – Album: Poopoo on Ewe Twerkin Gherkin
Bite my Lip Crack Under Pressure Second Heat
Shiny and Matt (A Duo) Wood on the Ball The Rimjobbers
Wholly Mole’ The Knee Bags Sac Religious
Deadstock Hellbox Fissure Price
Lightin’ Up The Crusty Asians Hung Under
Free Dumb The Nutcutters The Knee Jerks
Peanut Envy Stubborn Phat Gag Order
The Halve Knots The Pimples – Album: Pop Music The Toe Tags
Cock-eyed Whore Mother Dick Trump Hair Fire
Cuntfection Indignation Nation Holly Peño – Mexican singing sensation
Ganjugal Visit The Awkward The Mucus
Rat Fight The Piles The Droods
Hans Muslim Anderson Yepper Penis Envoy
Red Snapper and the Crawfish The Sound Bytes The Bone Pickers
8 Inch Pumps The Wad Country Artist – Lance Boil
The Ununlovables The Dark Keys Famous Anus
Ganjugal Visit The Do Me Daddies Weird Beard
Rat Fight Wreck Loose The Glory Farts
Hans Muslim Anderson Olde n Daze The Godfly’s
The Smellmakers Bully America The Defrosters
Pickledork Frickin’ Fracker A Spot in the Twat
Feral Pussy Garden Variety Acidic Chew
Felonious Punk Velvet Rope Rust Bucket
Keith & the Richards The Jelly Beans The Rope-a-Dopes
Mo’ and the Fo’ Mofo’s Olds Cool Homoquestrian
Nitpikker Butt Churner The Rubes
Twitterclit Colonel Batchit and the Crazies Much Mango Fandango
Clitty clitty bang bang Macho Man Randy Adam Savage Your Parents Favorite Mistake
Phlegm Buoyant Pamela Anderson Cooper Redd Can’t Hear
Lawdynum Tornado The Peeps
Cubic Hairs Colonel Batchit and the Crazies Tongue in Cheek
Elk Duelington HIV and the Positives The Doppelgangbangers
The No-Go Nads Shaquille O’Neil Patrick Harris Orange Bush – Tribute to The Donalds Hair
Downtown Brown Clowns I was like, He was like Jack and the Off Beats
Fan Dumb Grapehangers The Pu Pu Platters
Scrotie and the Blowhards Louche Canon The Nocturnal Emissions
I/O Aaron and Downtime Aunt Tipathy Awesomatic
The D’Kayed In Dickative Prison Riot
The Hip Replacements The Hurl Ska Vengeance
The Gumptioned Squealer Dramaquine
Bonedish Skanktimonious Big Firm
Nickel Hunchback Shirtless Rat Sass
Disco M Bobulate Shit List The Turtleheads
Quasimotorhead (Metal Cover Band) Blue Balls Skankersore
Wombat Stew Short Shrift The Violent Phlegms
Orifice Worker Fundy Mental The Black Pipes
Trouble Cleff Spavined The Double Whammies
Bone Hone The Whole Itches Turgid and Limpid –Piano Duo
Go Deep Lost And Profound Throatlump
The Homantics The Chocolate Chimps Rolletta Rynn – Asian Country Artist
The Eternal Print Cesspool High Class Skippers The Ancients – Boy Band
Pet Cock Aunt Jícama Stink Bait
Not Zack Scrumaroma Smallstaff
Accept the Weird Awkward Foul Ball
Nemo Head Chord of Wood Shitehawk
Suckin’ 2 Nun H. Chraist Mole Asses
Eclectronic The Stale Mates 3 Qt. Jars
Easy Ugly Weirdish The Headinsanders
Hemingway’s Hemorroid Queerbait Crae-crae
God Offal The Bimbos Hairy Cherry
Stumblewalk Drünklelove The Shoestring Budgies
The Unclean Jerks Beelzebub Pinata Drag and Drop
Urine Luck Liquor Ass The Bedbugaloos
False Bottom Big Negress Down Size
The Wantones Cootch de Ville Frankenschwartz
Batch it, Crazy Locus Faux Kit
The Vile and the Nubile Blood Colored Glasses Pejorative
The Organ Grinders Post Truth The X-Ponents
Burning Bush The Midriffs Blak and Blew
Sick Infant Sycophant Gee Whism Scroticus
Wax Poetic and the Floor Scrubbers Skinhéad O’Connor Flabbor Flab
The Unbiblical Chords Facebook Jesus Lickshaw
F & Funny Nutshott Miso Whore Me
Lordie! Locust Old Kink Hole
Warts & All The Sniffles – Kids Band Smegnum Moss
The Drones The Skint Any Whoore
The Flavor Trail Wizards Gizzards The Spooges
Unschooled Fish Sambone White Rodentia
Creo Sot (New Orleans Blues Singer) The Hot Cockles Stuffin Muffin
The Scranton Scrotal Scrum Selfie Immolation Johnny Jump Up
Isla de Mujeres Yo Inches Standish
Droppa Deuce The Solicidudes Shitizdope
The Vapers Hate to Go Groundswell
Deuce Greenback and the Hundredaires Dork Forest Venus Envy
Caste Out The Hose Contagious
Low Profile The Cootchies Doody Free
The Chi-Teels Sweet Baby Jesus Left Hip
Linked in Sin Dystopia The Manhandlers
The Tourettes Ball State Plan B
Douché The Beefeaters The Nether Regions
Mucus Pukus The Knockouts Dogod
Vicious Fishes White Devil Bi-Week
Penetrating Glans The Garden Hos Fannie Jiggles –Blues Chanteuse
The Homophones Meatspace Buggery Bunny
Fitz and Startz Pavlov’s Bitch Master Bastard
Motörboat The Beach Bums Black Balled
The Shaven Burmas Black Noise Stankid
Crow Mignon The Screaming Mimis Syndrome of a Downe
The Crusty Asians Taint Manboob Motorboat
Die Jesters Godsore Crudex
The Stinking Badgers The Honey Bees Helen Highwater
The Anal Cavaliers Candy Coroner Donny and the Gropers
The Styleors Piss Trough Toxic Dump
Chastity Belts  (Nightclub Diva) The Everlasting Gobstoppers The Flaming Retards
Soakit The Man Boobs Bloodspatter
Amber Gris  (French singing sensation) The Unhenged Stones Porsche Monkeys
Trickle Down Theory Swineherd Hillary’s Wound
The Shrieks Whytebred Pitchblende (a cappella group)
Bone Alone The Night Jamming Bluesmen The Selfish Shellfish
Wet Spot Tater Stank Daddy Hurts
The Big Picture Broad Band The Nut Helmets
Douche-bag Wannabe Coupe D’evil Clove & Hooves (Satanic Gospel Duo )
The Amicable Whore Cellmate Hickies Johnny Cat
Bleeding Event Man in the Boat God Awful
The Bent Overtures Crack Fracker Cluckster Flock
Ass Under Jesus Nut The Dry Runs
Psychotic Bowel Syndrome Kittybeard Fistgiver
Third World Skabs Dutch Oven Hugh Downs Syndrome
The Frogs of War Dick Leak The Rhythmic Jerks
Rape Kitty The Carpet Shaggers The Go Gonads
The Turdles Male Junk Waxx & Wayne – Country Duo
Hodge Podge A Little Stiff Rad Meat
Love Fit Gruntsworth The Dark Keys
The Sweet Crack Nutters Cliterection The Fish Husbands
The Shambles Nozedrül Ho Sannah
Crack Pot Spunkeroo Asswype
Piece of Hickory Dickulous Codpiece Nation
The Goatskin Chaps Tire Fire Cool d’sac
The Ginatonics The Pleckstrums The Fallow Furrow
Offensive Wounds McBarf The Double Dees – Girl Band
Mas Sauce Junk in Motion Sam’s Chubb
Allah Meat The Beavers Jacques Each and the Crackscratchers
Creep Factory The Comely Lasses Tumultuous
The Do Gooders ‘burb cred Junk Bonds – Well hung C & W artist
Jenny Wailins Shingles and Shakes Lil’ Greazy – Latina rapper
When Nerds Attack Dark Whores Adorable Deplorables
The Bloody Stumps Fussy Pussy Mine Mine Mine – Trump’s high school band
Scrotus Blossom Dick Dangler Sadass Faction
Snake Ice and Pair o’ Dice Phat Wheezle Phacover
Gung Hole Lemonpuss The Stiffs
The Whore Whounds The Grime The Intact Hymens
Yeasty Kitty Anathema Bess Drest
Raining Men Assquatch The Big Big Boobs
The Berzerkazoids Groin Pull The Bark Beatles
Cranus Kids Without Helmets The Squeegees
Hung Under The Wheezin’ Geezers The Jaw Droppers
Alamete Nogochez  (Syrian/Mexican Superstar) The Scabs Snark
The Rheumantics Hot Legs and Firearms Peas Poor
The Happy Cadavers Pisszone Cumshot
The Wombats Billy Goatgruff – Badass Country Singer Sheriff Snarky and Piss Officers
Uralnuts Monkey Backstrap Mouthwork
Cat E. Clysmic Yoga Bare The Fuqnuts
Ass Droid Creep Pout Tomb Essence
The Slaphappy Ninjas Great Whitehead Drunkin’ Peach
Dumpster Trick Shittersfull Suckin’ Heads
Pulled Pork Blacklash The H8R’s
Humming Mothers Toothy Spook Streaker
Peep Hole Hand Skirmish Skulldrudgery
Cornpone Stonies Hippie Ending Shockhole
Las Crucibles Withered Handjob Tender Dick and the Fukrites
All Drunks Eve Spam The Cutaways
The Rap Scallions Killiver The Young Fatties
Dead 2 Me The Gurneys Whore-ific
Black Spice Old Skoal Meat Wagon
Bitch Breath Hellbitch Mine the Vein Guardian Demons
B’hometh (Fat Jewish Rapper) Come Clean Think Stank
Billy Bob Beelzebub Phat Phuk Red Headed Peckerwood
The Sound FX I’ll Bite The Packers
The Greats Fandumb The Frozen Toads
The Bad Names OP8 Poopy Pants
Catch & Release The Gold Diggers Skankweed
Bill Z. Bubb Black Butte The Cankles
Ben Wa Hur Vomit Angels Business As Usual
Dark White Cornhole Swap Meat
IFN8U Hypersloth First World Poverty
Sic N Turd Cuntpunch The Spazmazters
Reptilian Fear The Locusts Lady Mudhenna
Work Hoarse The Nipslips Whore Amore
Gum Job The Hootchies Spooked Horse
The Hummers Glory Hole The Striped-Ass Apes
Star Cookie Rip Tide Le Fudgeé
Depravation Bimbo Limbo (Album – How Low Can You Go) Plumber’s Crack
Knowlove The Rotten Kids Chocolate Jesus
The Sluice Gators Live Her Worse Steamfunk
The Eurethras (Eurythmics Tribute Band) Occam’s Razor Glamour Roach
The Groin Elevators VileSlut Tiger and the Shankers
The Schlits The Clittones The Spit Buffers
Sloe Jenny and the Fizzies Pizzle Lockstep
The Velocirappers Glory Dayz The Sores
The Bloody Stools. Caca King Jesus & the Weapons of Mass Destruction
The Givenchy Coeds I Kill You! Glory Ass and the Tweakers
The Dumbsters Baby Got Backhoes Meh! – Klezmer Band
The Ejacks The Peace Cods Hate Male – Lesbian band
Auntie Fester Da Ballbrokers Whore Tense
Premature Delivery The Odd Gods Dirty Mouse
The Slobber Merchants The Woo Woos Stankle
The Acidtones Lunchmeat Skank Tank
The Platonic Fags Crustacean The Clintones
Negrass Whack-A-Fag Pieces of Ate
Inurendo J. Walker and the Pedestrians Crisis of Fate
Oscillating Gristle Stankersore The Rogaines
The Saddle Queens Trump the Trump Stupe du Jour
Witch Hazel Trump the Filthy Lucre Chuck Spears – World Music Phenom
Stink Eye Trump Dump The Ghoul Diggers
The Opposing Thumbs Hump Trump Candi Buffet – Sweet Soul Singer
Rocktitty Orange Trumpette Melania and The Strumpettes
The Poopshoots Ivana Divorce The Trump Cards
The Slobs The Hair Splitters WTF and The Republicans
Hell Hole Hardwood Big Lie and Little Hands
Fockum Tripleeze The Hang Grief Hearts
TDS Godstones Muffin Basket
Fartface Baddabing Sea Witch & the Pissed-Off Barnacles
Ho Ho Ho (a trio) The Backhoes Blackface
Bone-a-fide The Plastic Oh No! Band The Old Fokkers
From Left Field Groinrat The Coal Porters
Dark Turd The Penetrants Lust R
The Sigh Co. The Godevils Flabber Gassed
The Beefeaters (all girl metal band) Baddabing The Groanies
Rip Van Halen The Useless Pseudo Fags Despicable Girth
Y.F. Beater (Country & Western singing star) The Illegitimate Ectomorphs Black Butter
Pink Fudge Pine Koan Aural Sax
Tighty Cat Dirty Minds of the Thirty Mimes Zitsuvious
Girillass Sin Apps Boiled Goiters
Shuddercock The Moths Blueballs
The Pyro Techies The Boheme Moths Blackhead
Goldiehawks Smash Moth Jim Bob Yahweh
The Swallows Da Runtz Mothman
Get Down Syndrome Pottymouth watthertz
The Dicktones Anal Calamity The Brit Flits
Drünkle Joyfart TseTse Fly in Mariah’s Eye
Bloodlust Horror Face Blue Veiner
Andrea’s Fault The Strain Dork Vader
Hugh G. Ego and the Sanctimonious Pricks The Back Nine Inches The Fart Senders
Rose and the Hipsters Jesus Totem Pole Mozaic
The Hoarders The Worm Holes The Night Diggers
The Whore d’oeuvres The Muff Herders Horse
Amerika: A Broad Profungal Skanksleeve
The Clan Gutterball The Shit Eatin’ Grins
Euphrates Katz Amazing Ink The Shades
The Young Curmudgeons Sluggarden Vietnamese Jewish rapper – Hory Shet
Spatial Ed Pieces of Ate Tubal Litigation
Blood and Noses The Smegmatics The Incisors
Sing Sing (acapella prison choir) The Cro-matics Pie in the Sky
Lo T (Aging Rapper) The Cro-mantics Phat Cao  (Vietnamese rapper)
The Stray Caps Cheek ‘n’ Gum The Bromantics
Clamster Cuddle Bone The Bowl Cuts
The Available Slaves The Colon Nazis Penile Institution
Leg Up and the Urinators Poke ‘er Face The Kolon Dyke Gold Diggers
One Hand Clapping The Warfags Gaynado
Super Official The Conflict The Funny Cigarettes
Künt de Jour The Impenitent Penetrants Butthertz
Anal Garnish Everstank The Knukledraggers
The Smiters Tunatown Jangly Ganglia
Sex Mitten Peter Out Sauerteet
Big Willie Johnsonville and the Brats Deepack and Azzleek (Mumbai Duo) The Tiddlywinks
The Rear Admirals Jackson Pollack Food Stain The Sex Toys
Human Dunnage Christgender Petcock
Oddzipper The Steel Loined Girders Passion Gash
Venomess Soul Apprentice The Bakelite Bhagwans
Gravity Flechette Foul Toad on the Sofa
Meat Half Off Dick n Aenos The Bleating Asstones
The Slocums Macho Xgendero Porcupine Prick
Ace, Deuce, and Trey – The Heart Brothers The Stool Pigeons The Dead Beets
The Graves Udaho, Idaho Coldpill
Un-Normis Turtlehead Stoned Mexican
Jurassic Snark Ewe Bitch Turdflake
Cattle Axe The Filthy Knees Groan Women
Bumshell Richard Leakey Bladder Purple Vein (Prince Tribute Band)
Slayed Belles The Acrylics Skeetball and Faceoff
The Unflaccid The Cavities The Lucience of Tran
The B’Jesus Stinkdeath Gentile Wartz
Jim Stone – Country Artist Boss Jangles Beefcake
Seconds Out Grunion Runyon Sabre Toothe Tigre
The Sweet Jesus Jasmine Choir Dry Dream Blechwood
The Runs Beat Box The Pile Drivers (Hard Rock Band)
Goddnigger Chin Music Withered Hand
Synthnoma The Pantsuit Army The Ingrates
Playground Needles The Powder Monkeys Hawking Dead Batteries
Turd Whirled Turdriffic! April Fools & the Tools
Nerves of Silk Dweeblemeister The Least of the Unleashed at Last
Soulstream The Gapers Mai Bad (Chinese Song Temptress)
Venomous The Jazzberries Budd Craque (Creole Musician)
Scarred to Death The Boozehounds Happy Sack
The Bass Turds The Paste Eaters Skankhaüs
Impending Doom The Uni-brows Coming Mother
Yes Massa Garden Variety Ho The Foo Dogs
Hemorrhoid Rage You are my Density The Gargoils
Nasal Shit Negro Feel Ya Short Eternity
The Goy Sticks Sadboob Pussy Envy
Wood & Nichols (Country Duo) Low Functioning Drunk Buck Shot & the Horn Stabs
Throatmeat The Venom Birds Ragfunk
Ass Ending Dove Assif Cuntreau Liqueur
Necronegro The Avuncular Monkeys Members at Large
Worm Birth Skillzallone The Vast Difference
Ethel Velocity Soakit n’ Cider (Bluegrass duo) The Pimples
3 Sheets 2 the Wind Sadistic Statistic The Strap-ons (all girl band)
The Smuggeries The Lipschitz Ben Dover & Phil McCrevis (Gay duo)
So it Ain’t Sodomeister The Vibrations
The Sickening The Cramberries Yakitty Yak & the Don’t Talk Back
NRG Chewcockka Blowus
The Berry Tones Evel Bowievel Turdwork
The Far Tones Cannibal For Peace: (A Quartet) Piss Ant
The Skidmarqs The Garlic Chokers Win-Win
The Pine Barrons The Fungus Amongus The Beaver Cleavers
Nips Hips and Lips Ghost Pecker Scabmeister
Santa, Coal & Cancer Djibouti The Church of the Conics
The Gravetones Ray Khun and Roadkill The Beard Mice
B Side Boys Couth Youth Nikita’s Shoe
Inward The Thaw No Hit Wonder
Doobie Us The Black Boxes The Van Gogh Gogh Girls
White Picaninny Fence Moe and the Bowlcuts Slattern
Queen Ferry Shitseed Nekkid I
Scrotisserie Big Boar Coon The Night Yackers
Garfunkel’s Funkin’ Unkle The Black Cauldron Co. Lockstep
The Gamey Cocks The Crawfathers The Badderies
Boxed Ears Doomage Rugbum
New World Disorder Urine Nation Nightshade Moon
Dik Pix The Barn Stormers Windchunk
The White Coons Steam The Box Wrenchers
The Weightless Spacers The Fart Liters Deathfart
The Damnigods The Deep Enders Snarkfin
The Shankers Ms. Function Muff Busters
Captain Buzzkill Olympic Gimps The Bushwhackers
Satan Clause Massah Hysteria Gen. Malaise
The Bloats T Bag and the Ball Drag The Grüntz
Wolf Whistle and the Epistles Dive Zealots The Sloth Brigade
Under Secretary Restless Sphincter Pavlov’s Bitch
Theodilitus Glad Rag Trenchmouse
Poo Poo and the Mudcutters Damn Nation Snuggle Puss
Pam Demic The Sharkunts Loinstir
The Tough Warts The Din The Stinkbugs
Feral God Screwerm Dick Luster – Gay lounge singer
UnYon The Eclectic Chairs Storm Kiss
Doobius The Know Buddies Rack House
Crusty Brown Halo The S-Crows The Creative Jew Says
The Fat Funkin’ Guys Orangutangular The Wee Package
Gap Analysis Omar Gawd (Arabian singing sensation) Igneous Rock
Hors ce’ Zazz The Vile Crows The Grinz
From Left Field Steel Toe Booty The Gills
Colonel Debugger and the Daemons Frickin Fracker Budding Teat
M-fat-tic and the Double Whammies Skoal Patch Half Fast
Peckerwood The Phlegmish Masters Sadist Faction
Dark Meat St. Taint Freudian Pratfall
Hollow Leg The Zitty Biddies Cluckster Flock
The Sussed Stains The Irish Jigs The Go-Go Nads
Intimate Itch Hey Zeus! (Greek mariachi band) Salty Dog
Camo Toes The Skanx Airpoop
Sell Dumb Snap the Wonder Clam The Hen Peckers
Scrawnch-eyed Bentally Ill The Falsies
The Lowlights Squalor Middle C
Thang Thang The Shorn Raise the Hackles
Mushroom Cloud The Black Olé’s Cyclic
Blabbermouse Sawzall The Slurry Boys
Carnival Face The Bunny Boilers Scallywag
BB Jesus Fartergé Hard Count
Dark Meat Side Boob Loose Lips
Hollow Leg Barrel of Crackers Query
Basquiats and Garvy Rape Kit The Finger
Shredding Event Hot Cross Blondes The Toasted Almonds
The Archeangles The Laid Lows The Bleaters
Snake Eyeballs The Bleu Lights Badderoff Dayad   (Russo-Arabian Rockers)
Zero Drunk Turdy Giddy Down Assified Bone
Sheriff Sparky and the Arrestors MrToo – MrNot (Southern country rock duo) Wheat Trash
Downlifter The Wookies Gravid E
Origin Cud Troutie and Badfish Buck Nekkid
Machine Cheese Doggie Flav Famous Footlong
The Nevermet Rapid & Vapid Lacerated Liver
The Front Loaders Freak Aksydent Bi-Bi
The Unfelt Hats The Movers and the Cankers 2 Di 4
The Grin Reapers Dayum! The Hussey Puppies
Tom Mix Wept The Horneybuckets The Torsos
Boner The Bottle Flies The Boils
The Gay Demons The Salt Liquors Fake
Papas Papaya Pillow Blood Frieze Plumber’s Crack
The Hate Flashes The Goyles Cock Asian
El Gatos de Chilly The Charm Offensive The Bicycles
Sluice Box The Tourniquets The Bloody Stumps
Compound I

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  1. I couldn’t read all of the names above but I managed to read more than 30 and I like pretty much all of them!! Keep up the wonderful work !!

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