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Yo fool! You won’t be taken seriously unless you got a great Rapper Name.

Search our incredible archive of the strangest, funniest and coolest original rapper names ever created.  These are not computer generated names but names that were ingeniously thought up or pulled right out of our ass!

If you like a name and decide to use it, just send us a small fee and we’ll show you how to avoid the costly expense of trademarking your name.  Simply click on the payment button. (be sure to tell us which rapper name you would like to reserve.)

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NEW 10/31/16

Black Ice  Sir Real
 Joe Mama


TDS Bill Z. Bubb
Lo-T God Offal
Droppa Deuce Sir Real
BB Jesus Joe Mama
Nitpikker Drunk MC
Rappa Port Negga do
Light’n Up Flamboyant
MC DK Grotesque
Yoyo Mama Master Bastard
Massa Peel  Kyorious
 Kitt Cat (better than Eminem)  Jack Knife
 Pistoff  Tung Chow (Asian Rapper)
 the Grim Rappers  Chuck Spears
 Hory Shet (Vietnamese Jewish Rapper)  Phat Cao (Vietnamese Rapper)
 Clitorious Big.E.Lips

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