Riddles and Wordplay:

  • What do you call a Mormon in Compton?
    A Snowflake in a Shit Storm.——————-

  • How many lead singers does it take to change a lightbulb?
    One to hold the bulb while the world revolves around him.——————-

  • Do you have chiggers down there in Alabama?
    Yes, but we don’t call them chiggers anymore, we call them Insectile Americans.——————-

  • What do you call a Jamaican Gynecologist?

  • What do you call George Bush’s secret hideout?
    Compound Dubya. ——————-

  • What do you call a cross between Funk and Ragtime music?
    Rag Funk. ——————-

  • If a pretty girl is called eye candy, what do you call a pretty African American girl?
    Browneye candy. ——————-

  • Why couldn’t Sealo the Seal Boy sext the Bearded Lady?
    He suffered from Textual Dysfunction. ——————-

  • What do you call homework assigned to a homeless student?
    Vanwork. ——————-

  • What do you call someone who won’t share their selfie stick?
    Selfieish. ——————-

  • What do you call a beach party gone bad?
    A calamity bake. —————

  • What do you call a masturbating chameleon?
    A chamoflogger. ——————

  • What do you call an antisocial newt?
    A Reptile Dysfunction. ————

  • Define bachelors?
    Men Sans Menses. ——————–

  • Do two consecutive non sequiturs constitute a sequitur? ————————–

  • Why are turds like snowflakes?…..
    Because they are so difficult to catch on the tip of your tongue. ——————–

  • What do you call a 17th century gynecologist?
    Clitoris leech man. ——————-

  • What do you call a bicyclist who doesn’t think he has to share the road?
    A Narcicyclist. ——————-

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