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Morgan Greig and Rick Costello are the creative minds behind Bizarre Word Bazaar. Our mission is to bring you the best of funny clever wordplay and original band names.

Momo is gifted. (at least that’s what I’ve heard people say behind his back). He is an accomplished musician and songwriter whose specialty is blues but he can also write a mean rock ballad and dabbles in Country as well. You can listen to his music at
Momo once walked away from a band on the brink of stardom and faced ridicule as being the next Pete Best. The band, however, went nowhere and in retrospect, Mo looks like a fuckin’ genius.

Ricky, once known as the Jersey Cat, has his fingers in a whole bunch of pies. Stale, crusty, moldy old pies. But that being said, he recently created a website featuring animated screensavers and live wallpaper for smartphones. Check out his handiwork at
He also has written a tune or two. You can hear them at   and plus you can check out his children’s animated storybook,   the Lemming Shepherds on Youtube.

Over the years we have compiled a fantastic list of unique and original hilarious band names and we are constantly adding to that list every week.
Our Top 5 band names of the week are chosen from the entries we receive and the back flushing of our subconscious.

We are also big fans of bizarre words and strange meanings and now we’ve decided to share these with the public. Besides the expected categories such as Mixed Metaphors, Riddles, Malapropisms and Stupid Sayings, we’ve also spiced it up a bit with Stupid Photo of the Week and an incredibly raunchy, hard hitting advice column that cuts through the crap. Women will be highly offended but guys will love “Ask Bubba“.

We are big big fans of the classic comics such as the Neighborhood (Ballard Street), the Farside, Non Sequitur, Mad Magazine, Cracked Magazine and many others. For those who love the classics, we bring you Classic Comics of the Week. We’ve scoured over thousands of comics from the past and selected the best of the best. You’re welcome.

Want to talk shit behind your boss’s back? Now you can talk shit right to his face with our “How to Speak Pig Latin” where we bring you a new and derogatory phrase each week.

And of course we can’t forget to shamelessly plug our products. Check out the “Buy our Crap” page where we sell some very funny T-shirts and bumper stickers.

To sum us up, we are:

Old.  Set in our ways.  Opinionated.  Miss-guided. Our heads are as hard as rock so you will never ever be able to sway us from our divine mission, but only God knows what that is….

Come visit the bizarre world of Bizarre Word Bazaar for some funny clever wordplay. Submit some content, offer us ideas, write us and complain. We’d love to hear from you.


Rick and Momo
Rick and Mo – before and after

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